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Don't feed the alligators

Alligators are fascinating creatures. I love observing, studying and photographing them (from a safe distance with a lovely zoom lense). In general, they are not aggressive, and tend to be rather scared of humans (who can blame them?) and will not approach us un-provoked. They love to bask in the sun on the banks of fresh and brackish water, and may move quickly if startled or made to feel threatened.

Ah, there's the lesson. I've watched people get way too close to a sunbathing alligator, sometimes to retrieve a small white dimpled ball they hit less than perfectly, sometimes to get a picture, even kids to see "how close can we get?". Um, That's too close.

Online you may sometimes have 'trolls'-and though they may not be as beautiful as alligators, a similar strategy needs to be applied-observe from a safe distance, don't engage or expend energy any closer and absolutely do not feed!

Those are usually easy to spot, but what about in our every day lives? What obstacles, events, negative energies, etc., do we allow to threaten our own wellbeing? I see this as working two ways; first, as humans, we need to acknowledge those natural occurrences which present obstacles to our moving ahead, give respect to an intrusive or negative thought, then keep it in it's place, not feeding it, not approaching any closer than is safe, and allowing it to slide off that bank back into the lagoon it rose from. Second, we are also part of nature, just like the alligators. So when something we perceive as a threat approaches too quickly or too closely, we have the right to leave that space. We do not have to stay put and become dependent upon the thing attempting to feed us. Not good for either of us.

Bask on in your own sunshine and respect your own space and others. Don't feed your alligators.


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